Review: iVi Premium Collagen Anti-aging Cream

I have read an article that women should start taking care of their skin once they reached mid-20s. Based on the skin test, my skin’s age is for women age at 35. Technically, I am 29 but I have the skin of 35 years old. That is so sad.

A dermatologist advise me to use sunblock cream every time I’m expose to direct sunlight, but I’m stubborn. I refused to apply any cream except for a moisturizer.

iVi Premium Day Cream ReviewJust when I get back from my recent vacation, I noticed how my face has aged. Got some sunburn, notice some lines with large pores that bothers me. Worst, I look 10 years older of my actual age.

I have been thinking of purchasing anti-aging cream that could help restore my damage skin cells. My mentor recommended this iVi Premium Collagen Day Cream and urges me to give it a try.

I trust her recommendation and started using the product.  As instructed, I applied the cream right after I washed my face. It has been a daily routine since then. I noticed some changes like the large pores are no longer noticeable, no more sagging, and wrinkles are already smooth.

When I did visit their Facebook page and did some research about the product, I found out that the “IVI Premium Collagen Day cream is formulated with fruit extracts that repairs damage skin. It also protects your skin to UVA rays with SFF23 PA++ at the same time it keeps your skin moisturize due to the Hydrolyzed Marine.” It is perfect, as I do not have to use moisturizer since its already part of the formulation.

Another good thing about this product is that it can be purchase through Mercury Drug Store or Watson for only Php 1,250.00. To get the best results, the premium daily cream should be pair with the anti-aging night cream.

iVi Ryo Corporation also manufacture body wash and collagen drink. This would make your skin look younger from head to toe. :) For complete lists of products, visit their website at


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